Monday, April 6, 2009

Engaged and Underage

So, come to find out that the "age thing" does matter to some people. I still don't care but our fist encounter with age limits was pretty funny. Og and I were trying to find cruises for our honeymoon and we stumbled upon the perfect one; 5 night Western Caribbean on a new ship. Better yet, it was an amazing deal regarding pricing. We couldn't pass it up because it was so perfect. We filled out all the information (well Og did because he's in charge of the honeymoon. Delegate, right?). We clicked the ''book now" button and much to our abhorrence, the screen read "at least one person in your party does not meet the age requirement." Uh, crap. Well apparently, you have to be at least 18 to travel with out a parent or guardian on a cruise; meet that one. But if one is traveling under the age of 21, he or she must be accompanied by an adult 25 years of age or older. Problem: Paul is going to 23 and I am 19. So, i had him call the travel website directly (still delegating. Consistency, right?) and he worked with them for over an hour. The man who so kindly assisted him was named Bob. Now Bob thought it was very strange that a 19 year old girl and a 23 year old boy were traveling together but Og explained that we would be married at the time of the cruise. I guess we just have to bring our marriage license to the ship and it will all be fine. We got an ocean view stateroom on the 6th deck forward (that's good) with a king sized bed (that's awesome...) and Bob even threw in a Honeymoon Dinner for one of the nights. So kind of him. Bob. My favorite part of the whole ordeal was that when Bob was confirming all the information he said,

"OK, so how old is the lady you"ll be traveling with?"

Og replied, "she is 19, sir."

Then Bob said, "That's it?"

Og again replied " Yeah that's it. 19. sorry, sir."

Hahaha. Oh gosh.

Maybe MTV is having casting calls...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Paul and I are new to the blogging world because we are new to the world of engagement. Figuring that we must finally grow-up beyond myspace, Paul and I are officially bloggers. I suppose we can start by telling the story of how Paul proposed to me because the pictures you see here display that event.
Paul and I have been dating for about 5 months, which to some seems very, very short, but I knew that I would marry him after about a month of dating him. I first met him at my cousin's house when i was coming over for a quick hair trim after the gym. I was super sweaty, having just complete one of my long runs, and was slightly embarrassed that such a cute guy was over since i wasn't looking my greatest. It was Paul that was over at Brittany's house and it was the first time we met. We ended up seeing each other several times before we went on a date and after that we spent a lot of time with one another...
Flash forward from then until now; 5 months later. Og (his nick name, all his friends call him that) and I were driving from BYU in Provo, where we both go to school, to the University of Utah, where his mission reunion was being hosted. Og served in the Mexico Leon mission from 2005-2007. When he first picked me up, he informed me that we had to get a friend in Salt Lake who was with out a car and needed a ride. I didn't think anything of it and agreed it would be fun to have company. We had been driving for about 30 minutes, Elder Carden texted Paul and informed him that it would be another half hour before he would be ready. We were kind of bugged that we would end up being late and now had 30 minutes to kill.
Then Paul suggested that we drive up to the Draper Temple, we were approaching the exit and then we wouldn't have to wait a long 30 minutes at a predetermined 7-11 to get Elder Carden.

We go to the temple and parked. I was a bit surprised when he killed the engine because it was SO cold and windy at the top of the mountain through the canyon. But i grabbed my giant coat and got out of the car anyway. We walked around the front and the side of the temple just chatting. I had no idea what was coming next. I had my nose thrown off the scent several times. Erica, Paul's twin, had made me believe that the proposal was still several weeks away and i had not been expecting anything to happen until then. I was wrong. We rounded the final corner of the building and what to my eyes should appear but tons of roses and balloons everywhere. I was really confused and my initial thought was, "Oh my gosh; someone left all their crap from Valentine's Day" But i knew that wasn't really possible since Valentine's Day had been about 2 months previous to then. My second thought was, "Oh wow! someone just got engaged here! i wonder where they are?!" I turned to ask Og what he though about my theory and to my utter shock, he was down on one knee and reaching for my hand. I couldn't believe it! He proposed and I said YES through my tears. Of course i cried. I have it down to and art, I can cry on a whim. (It scares poor Paul because he thinks he makes me cry. But he doesn't. usually.)
What made the whole thing even more special was that some of the roses had notes from him and each of his family members that stated why they love me. It was so touching and i cried again when i read them. And even more special than that was that his sisters Erica and Emilee and his brother Ben had come and set everything up, were there waiting, and took pictures of the entire thing. How priceless to capture such precious moments (not the creepy ceramic dolls; they really were precious moments)

So there it is, my first post. Hopefully I will get better at this because frankly, I feel like a total idiot. Wish me luck!